Antony McPhee is a rained architect who has a long association with far north Queensland, visiting family every year since 1986. I spent my childhood in Alice Springs, my education years in Adelaide, then lived and worked in inner city Melbourne before moving permanently to Cairns in 2018.

Antony McPhee

I firmly believe buildings are for people to occupy. They can still look good, be intellectually stimulating, and environmentally sustainable, but they must also be comfortable. So, as an example, a house is a place for living, and the spaces it contains must facilitate the way the occupants live their lives.

To me every project is a unique challenge with a unique outcome. Issues like small sites, overlooking, height limits, overshadowing, sun control, heritage restrictions, are all approached as design challenges rather than ‘problems’. Unlike other building professionals, an architect can see beyond the bricks and mortar and visualize how spaces can be experienced. What will it be like to relax in the bath; what is the view when you sit down at the dining table; what will it be like on a mild winter’s day, a steamy summer’s day?

Environmental sustainability should be as intrinsic to building design as structural strength is, not an added extra. Environmentally sustainable practice is embedded within all my designs rather than overtly used as a design style.

My current status is a retired Architect. I can no longer offer full architectural services, however my skills are still available for design proposals and drawing production, as well as BIM consulting.